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Solid State Storage

Welcome to the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI), dedicated to fostering the acceptance and growth of Solid State Storage in the marketplace. To acheive these goals, SSSI provides education, performs market research and influences/promotes standards. Work is ongoing within SSSI in several areas. Including:

The Future of Computing – The Convergence of Memory and Storage through Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)

Summit Presentations Now Available for Download

On January 28th, SNIA hosted a Storage Industry Summit on Non–Volatile Memory (NVM) that offered critical insights into NVM and the future of computing. The Summit was a success with over 150 attendees and speakers participating in various keynotes, industry updates, panel sessions, and technology demonstrations.

Download all of the audio presentations (.zip) (214 MB)
Download all of the presentation slides (.zip) (19.3 MB)

Download individual presentations by clicking here.

SNIA Special Interest Group Formed to Accelerate Awareness and Adoption of Non-Volatile DIMM (NVDIMM) in the Marketplace

The emergence of Solid State Storage and Non-Volatile Memory technologies represents perhaps the most profound discontinuity the storage industry has seen, driving fundamental changes in computer and storage system architectures. SNIA has addressed this with a number of standards and education initiatives, We welcome and support the creation of the NVDIMM SIG to help the industry along the path to Storage Class Memory.

The NVDIMM SIG will:

  • Provide education on how system vendors can "design-in" NVDIMMs.
  • Communicate existing industry standards, and areas for vendor differentiation.
  • Help technology and solution vendors whose products integrate NVDIMMs to communicate their benefits and value to the greater market.
  •  Develop vendor-agnostic user perspective case studies, best practices, and vertical industry requirements to help both end user customers and vendors understand how products and solutions can meet performance, cost, and efficiency goals.

“As NVDIMM adoption begins to ramp in the marketplace, there is a need for education and understanding of the benefits that NVDIMM technology can bring," said Adrian Proctor, Acting Chair of the NVDIMM SIG from Viking Technology. "The NVDIMM SIG will help to bring together our clients, colleagues, and the community to ensure an ecosystem that enables ease of adoption for NVDIMMs."

For those interested in joining the NVDIMM SIG, please contact

SSD Survey Results Now Available

Following the launch of the SSD Features Rating Project, which is intended to improve our understanding of what users expect of SSDs, a survey was produced targeting a broad spectrum of users asking them to rate the importance of various SSD attributes/features to better understand which attributes are most important. These results may offer the opportunity for manufacturers to design productssuitable for these applications, and provide guidance to users looking for the best SSD for their needs,

These results are now in and can be downloaded alongside our other articles here.

Keep up to date with our LinkedIn group here.


  SNIA Launches New PCIe Taskforce

SNIA just launched a new PCIe taskforce to provide guidance to the marketplace on PCIe SSDs. Focus will be to develop educational materials, best practices documents and SNIA standards around this technology and to work with other industry organizations that are involved in PCIe SSD-related activities. The taskforce is structured as an open industry forum for the initial 90 days, but after 30th July, this will become a committee within the Solid State Storage Initiative for members only. No NDA is required and thus no confidential information should be shared amongst the members of the task force.

For more information about SNIA's new PCIe SSD taskforce, visit


 New Initiative to Provide Education on SSD Performance

SNIA's Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) has announced a project to educate users on how to use the recently published Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (  SSS PTS Client v1.0

SNIA is developing methods enabling manufacturers to set, and customers to compare, the performance ...

) to compare the performance of Solid State Drives (SSDs).

The "Understanding SSD Performance" project is intended to give users sufficient information to make intelligent decisions about SSD performance. SSSI intends to establish an industry–wide database of performance results, and encourages SSD manufacturers to contribute SSS PTS results for their products.

PTS-Compliant Performance Data Website:  The public can now visit a webpage at, which shows SSS PTS-compliant performance data from actual enterprise and client SSDs and advice on how to interpret the results of the individual tests. The webpage will also provide a venue for SSD manufacturers to post SSS PTS-compliant test results for their products.

White Paper: Understanding SSD Performance Using the SNIA SSS Performance Test Specification:  In support of the project, members of the SNIA Solid State Storage Technical Work Group — the team that created the SSS PTS — collaborated on an accompanying white paper entitled “Understanding SSD Performance Using the SNIA SSS Performance Test Specification.” 


  Understanding SSD Performance

This white paper focuses on evaluating and comparing SSD performance using the SNIA PTS Specificatio...

  Foreword to Understanding SSD Performance

Webcast & Presentation:  A webcast and a .pdf presentation on using the SSS PTS to understand SSD performance are also available: 

Play the webcast:

Download the presentation:    Solid State Storage PTS Webcast

Presentation of the webcast on Understanding SSD Performance using the SNIA Solid State Storage Perf...

Form Factor Enlightenment Now Available at SSSI

There’s a new page on the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) website which describes the wide range of SSD form-factors (physical formats) on the market today.

SSSI defines three major categories – Solid State Drive, Solid State Card, and Solid State Module – and the new page provides descriptions and examples of each.

View SSD Form - Factors

Solid State Storage Education on SNIA BrightTalk Channel Webcasts

The SSSI is pleased to present two new webcasts on Solid State Storage technology, now available for on-demand viewing.

Solid Security: The Rise of Self-Encrypted Solid State Drives presented by Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates, SSSI Marketing Chair.

With one of the hottest drive categories – solid state drives (SSDs) – rapidly penetrating data centers, this hour-long webcast provides a valuable introduction to self-encrypting drives (SEDs) and explains why organizations need SEDs Solid State Drives in their environment. Listen and find out from your peers where they are in incorporating SEDs and SSDs in their environment.

Solid State Adoption and Use – a Glimpse into the IT Professional Mind presented by Jim Bagley of Storage Strategies NOW. 

This webcast dives into solid state storage growth and how businesses are adopting and deploying solid state storage for rapid access to transactional data, the cloud, and virtual desktop infrastructures. The session includes the results of an IT Professionals Adoption Survey, co-sponsored by the SNIA and the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI), which presents information on the status of solid state drives (SSDs) and high-speed memory.

All SSSI webcasts


Solid State Storage Performance Test Spec Approved on
6 August 2011

  SSS PTS Client v1.0

SNIA is developing methods enabling manufacturers to set, and customers to compare, the performance ...

The SSS PTS ( defines a suite of tests and test methodologies necessary to enable comparative testing of individual Enterprise and Client SSD performance. Over 50 individuals from 25 companies have collaborated on the development and release of the SSS PTS. These companies represent industry–leading SSD manufacturers, SSD controller makers, test labs, and computer system OEMs.



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