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Ethernet Storage

SNIA Europe Whitepaper - Journey to Unified Fabric

This new SNIA Europe whitepaper takes a look into datacenter architectures, reviewing current technologies and looking towards future trends with increased speeds and efficiency.

Download the white paper through the link below.

 Journey to Unified Fabric

Ethernet Storage

The SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum (ESF) is responsible for driving the broad adoption of Ethernet-connected storage networking technologies and solutions by:

  • Creating vendor neutral education materials on Ethernet-connected storage networking technologies
  • Driving market awareness and positioning of the various Ethernet storage technologies
  • Providing industry experts and thought leadership on Ethernet-connected storage networking technologies
  • Leveraging SNIA and industry events, activities and end-user outreach programs around the globe

The ESF is organized to promote and provide education on the advantages of storage over Ethernet.  The broader adoption of Ethernet as a converged storage networking infrastructure has prompted the ESF to expand its charter and has redefined and expanded its two Special Interest Groups (SIGs): 

Learn more about the technologies we cover

The ESF members represent leading hardware, software, data storage and data management companies dedicated to providing the global IT community with vendor-neutral information, and educational resources about Ethernet-connected storage solutions.

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Latest Ethernet Storage Publications

  • The Life of a Storage Packet

    Taken from blog post at

    The life of a storage packet explained in this SNIA ESF comic.

  • Object Drive in Enterprise Storage

    By Robert Qiuxin and ZhiPeng Huang, SNIA Object Storage Technical Work Group (Huawei Technologies)

    First published in SNS Europe - June 2015

    WITH RISING DEMANDS for scale-out storage systems, we rush into an era of booming object storage solutions such as Hadoop, OpenStack Swift, and Ceph among others. However the imagination and the spirit of innovation do not stop there, instead it finds a new home in an area where traditional approaches were deemed invincible.

  • Block Storage in OpenStack Q&A

    Taken from blog post at

    The team at SNIA-ESF and I were very pleased with how many people attended our live “Block Storage in the Open Source Cloud called OpenStack.” If you missed it, please check it out on demand. We had several great questions during the live event. As promised here are answers to all of them. If you have additional questions, please feel free to comment on this blog.

  • Mobile Enterprise Cloud: Beyond File Sync and Share

    By Ingo Fuchs, SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum member (NetApp)

    First published in DCS UK - May 2015

    The enterprise file sync and share space has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years – and for good reason. But it is important to not lose sight of the ultimate goal – enabling your corporate users to do their jobs, to increase productivity, to be more responsive to customer needs – and ultimately to make more money.


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