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  1. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE): Hype vs. Reality

    22 April 2014 - By Casey Quillin and Sameh Boukelbene

    First published in SNS Europe - April 2014

    It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride for FCoE, which started out with more promise than it was able to deliver. In theory, the benefits of a single converged LAN/SAN network are fairly easy to see. The problem was, as is often the case with new technology, that most of the theoretical benefit was not available on the initial product release. The idea that storage traffic was no longer.

  2. CloserStill Media further expands its global technology event portfolio with the acquisition of Powering the Cloud

    15 April 2014 - CloserStill Media, the fast growing B2B events and media company today announced the acquisition of the leading specialist cloud event in Germany, "Powering the Cloud" for an undisclosed sum.

  3. 2013 in Review and the Outlook for 2014: A SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum Perspective

    09 April 2014 -

    By Jason Blosil, ESF member (NetApp)

    First published in DCS Europe - March 2014

    TECHNOLOGY continues to advance rapidly. Making sense of it all can be a challenge. At the SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum, we focus on storage technologies and solutions enabled by and associated with Ethernet Networks. Last year, we modified the charters of our two Special Interest Groups (SIG) to address topics about file protocols and storage over Ethernet. The File Protocols SIG includes the prior focus on Network File System (NFS) related topics and adds discussions around Server Message Block (SMB / CIFS). We had our first webcast last November on the topic of SMB 3.0 and it was our best attended webcast ever.

  4. Fibre Channel Industry Association Announces Development of Industry's Fastest Storage Networking

    03 April 2014 - Gen 6 Fibre Channel Provides Speeds of up to 128GFC, New Features to Address Hyper-Scale Virtualization; SSD storage and New Data Center Architectures. Article from

  5. Why the FCoE vs iSCSI Debate Continues

    25 March 2014 -

    By Jeff Asher, ESF member (NetApp)

    First published in DCS Europe - March 2014

    A LOOK BACK AT FCoE and iSCSI HISTORY -- There are two entrenched standards for block storage protocols over Ethernet networks. FCoE was ratified in 2009, while iSCSI was ratified in 2004. Of course, various vendors and early adopters supported these protocols before ratification, so the history of these protocols is a couple of years longer than it looks, respectively. While iSCSI simply encapsulates the SCSI protocol in IP, FCoE operates lower in the network stack and to do so required many enhancements to Ethernet. While iSCSI runs on any IP network (mostly Ethernet these days), FCoE requires Data Center Bridging and Converged Network Adapters all running at 10 Gbps or faster.

  6. Call for Participation SNIA Tutorials Peer Review

    21 March 2014 -

    Deadline: April 1, 2014

  7. SSSI Newsflash Newsletter - March

    12 March 2014 - Download the SSSI Marketing Newsletter. Join today!

  8. Use Cases for iSCSI and FCoE – Your Questions Answered

    11 March 2014 - Blog post from Ethernet Storage Forum
    Posted by Jeff Asher

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