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  1. Vint Cerf worries about a 'digital dark age,' and your data could be at risk

    13 February 2015 - Article from (redirects to new site).

  2. What’s Software-Defined Storage ? – SNIA White Paper

    06 February 2015 - Can be element within a software-defined data center but also function as stand-alone technology. This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.02.06

  3. Presentations from SNIA Summits on NVM and Analytics & Big Data Now Available

    05 February 2015 - Download the presentations from both summits.

  4. Software Defined Storage in the Context of Software Defined Data Centers

    03 February 2015 - By Doug Voigt, SNIA Technical Council member (HP) and Alex McDonald, SNIA Europe Board of Directors (NetApp)

    First published in DCS Europe - February 2014

    Software Defined Storage in the Data Center represents a new evolution in the storage industry that changes how storage will be managed and deployed in the future. SNIA has created a vendor independent industry reference model to help educate end users and to promote adoption and enablement of Software Defined Storage in the context of Software Defined Data Centers.

  5. Cloud File Services

    03 February 2015 - By John Reed, SNIA ESF member (NetApp)

    First published in DCS Europe - February 2014

    What are your challenges in adopting the cloud? While many new companies have found success starting out with a cloud infrastructure, enterprises and existing companies have found it complicated to make the transition. One reason is that many existing enterprise applications run over File Services (NAS-based) protocols like SMB or NFS, but there are precious few clouds out there with these offerings.

  6. OpenStack Cloud Storage Q&A

    26 January 2015 - Taken from blog post at

    More than 300 people have seen our Webcast “OpenStack Cloud Storage. with currently over 700 on demand viewings. It was a great session with a lot of questions from attendees. We did not have time to address them all – so here is a complete Q&A. If you think of any others, please comment on this blog. Also, mark your calendar for January 29th when the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative will continue its Developers Tutorial Series with a live Webcast on OpenStack Manila.

  7. New White Paper: Software Defined Storage

    12 January 2015 - This new whitepaper takes a look into attributes of Software Defined Storage, the role of Metadata and SDS within the Software Defined Data Center. Download it direct here.

  8. Non-Volatile Memory Express NVMe

    06 January 2015 - By J Metz, SNIA ESF Member (Cisco)

    First published in DCS Europe - December 2014

    When I first started in storage technology (it doesn't seem like that long ago, really!) the topic seemed like it was becoming rather stagnant. The only thing that seemed to be happening was that disks were getting bigger (more space) and the connections were getting faster (more speed).

  9. Real-World FCoE Best Practices Q&A

    22 December 2014 - Taken from blog post at

    At our recent live Webcast “Real-World FCoE Designs and Best Practices,” IT leaders from Thermo Fisher Scientific and Gannett Co. shared their experiences from their FCoE deployments – one single-hop, one multi-hop. It was a candid discussion on the lessons they learned. If you missed the Webcast, it’s now available on demand. We polled the audience to see what stage of FCoE deployment they’re in (see the poll results at the end of this blog). Just over half said they’re still in learning mode. To that end, here are answers to the questions we got during the Webcast. As you will see, many of these questions were directed to our guest end users regarding their experiences. I hope that it will help you in your journey. If you have additional questions, please ask them in the comments section in this blog and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  10. SNIA Announces Refreshed Exams for the Certification Program

    15 December 2014 - New exams S10–210 and S10–310 available immediately

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