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  1. Video: Marty Czekalski (SCSI Trade Association) parla di SCSI

    09 November 2013 - News article from

  2. SNIA Chairman highlights cloud security vigilance

    05 November 2013 - Link to article from Computer News Middle East.

    With enterprise storage now costing significantly more to run than it does to buy according to many estimates, the need to cut those operational costs – or at least to slow their rise – is paramount.

    Full article available here.

  3. SNIA Europe Announces 2013-2015 Board of Directors Featuring Top Industry Executives

    29 October 2013 - The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Europe, today announced its new Board of Directors elected by its members for the 2013-2015 term.

  4. What is the best type of data movement?

    08 October 2013 -

    By Glyn Bowden, SNIA Europe & UK Country member (Lucr)

    First published in Storage Networking Solutions - Sept 2013

    One where the data does not move at all!

    I’ve been working with some clients on their “Big Data” service. I purposely put “Big Data” in quotes as to me it’s a marketing term rather than the name of a specific technology. I think we’ve all heard it referred to when actually a real technology term should have been used. It gets used interchangeably with analytics for example, where actually analytics has had a perfectly good name, analytics, since it became a thing many years ago. It also gets bandied around as the cure for all ills and this is where the problems begin and the reason behind my opening question.

  5. Ethernet is the right fit for the Software Defined Data Center

    08 October 2013 -

    By Jason Blosil, SNIA ESF Chair (NetApp)

    First published in DataCentre Solutions Europe - Sept 2013

    Since its inception, discussions about IT have typically been led with hardware. As much as we would like to have believed that software was the “it” (and it largely was), we discussed IT purchases and architectures in terms of the equipment being deployed more than the software. Perhaps it was because the software was so dependent upon the hardware? Applications running on mainframes wouldn’t run on another vendor’s hardware. Even with the introduction of open platforms with Intel and Microsoft, most manufacturers would modify the software to only run on their hardware. Stickiness was a factor.

  6. How to break out of the storage hardware zoo

    03 October 2013 - Link to article fromThe Register.

    Storage association SNIA have used the tenth anniversary of Frankfurt trade show Powering The Cloud to voice concerns over cloud computing uptake.

    Full article available here.

  7. SNIA BeNeLux Academy

    24 September 2013 - SNIA Europe's Benelux Committee spearheaded the first academy session hosted at the Dell offices in Amsterdam last Thursday 19th September.

  8. How to calculate the costs of solid state drives

    23 September 2013 - Link to article fromNetwork World. Full article available here.

  9. BYOD und Fotos von meiner Katze

    10 September 2013 -

    Von Alex McDonald, SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative Chair (NetApp)

    Deutsche Fassung: Christine Schmidt

    First published in Datacentre Solutions Dach - September 2013

    BYOD – vier Buchstaben, die im oberen Management oder bei Finanzchefs leises Unbehagen auslösen sollten. Das Akronym steht für „Bring Your Own Device“ und entstand durch eine neue Technologie, die die Welt im Sturm erobert hat: das Tablet. Da sie viel leichter mitzunehmen sind als ein Laptop und viel bessere Vernetzungsmöglichkeiten als ein Mobiltelefon bieten, sind diese Hybrid- Geräte inzwischen zum beliebtesten Device geworden. Außerdem ermöglichen sie hohe Flexibilität: Egal ob man eine Präsentation zeigen, ein Foto machen, schnell Notizen machen, im Internet surfen, E-Mails abrufen oder jemanden anrufen möchte – all das kann man mit dem leicht zu transportierenden Device.

  10. Enter the Tech Trailblazers Awards Programme - Deadline is September 12th

    03 September 2013 - There are just a few weeks to enter the Tech Trailblazers Awards. Enterprise IT start-ups that are 5 years old or younger, privately owned and privately funded (including Angel, Seed and VC — up to and including C-series) should enter now for a chance to win at

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