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  1. SNIA Special Interest Group Formed to Accelerate Awareness and Adoption of Non-Volatile DIMM (NVDIMM) in the Marketplace

    28 January 2014 - Twelve Leading Companies Collaborate to Broaden Industry Support and Knowledge on a Critical New Storage Technology

  2. Workload I/O Capture - New White Paper Published

    28 January 2014 - This white paper describes how the SNIA SSSI “Workload I/O Capture Program (WIOCP)” collects empirical I/O operation performance metrics in a simple and easy manner with little time or effort required by the SSSI WIOCP participants.

  3. Results of the SNIA Survey on Solid State Storage Usage Published

    22 January 2014 - These results, aimed at understanding what users expect of SSDs may offer the opportunity for manufacturers to design products suitable for these applications, and provide guidance to users looking for the best SSD for their needs.

  4. The Wireless Win

    14 January 2014 -

    By Gilda Foss, Ethernet Alliance (NetApp)

    First published in DCS Europe - Winter 2013

    LET’S FACE IT -- the world needs more bandwidth & speed when it comes to our networks. Whether it’s on a government level, or within various corporations, or inside your very own home or enterprise, this need blatantly exists. We all want private wireless networks and we want them to handle dataintensive tasks such as video streaming and hard drive back up. To address all of these needs, we now have the latest and greatest local wireless standard -- 802.11ac. This standard offers some distinct advantages over the 802.11n wireless gear that you’re probably using today and, putting aside the nitty gritty details for now, the bottom line is speed. But don’t assume that you are going to get a Gigabit of throughput necessarily.

  5. What's in store for storage in the year ahead?

    14 January 2014 - Read an outlook into 2014 storage, courtesy of Microscope, including trend predictions from SNIA Europe Benelux Committee's Jacco van Achterberg.

  6. Take your datacenter into the future with SMB 3.0

    07 January 2014 - By John Reed, SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum Member (NetApp)

    First published in SNS Europe - Winter 2013

    THE MARKET HAS SPOKEN: Ethernet is the de-facto IT fabric standard around the world. If market predictions, customer tendencies, or current purchasing patterns hold any weight, Ethernet’s success is set to continue into the future as well. Ethernet’s dominance should come as no surprise; with the ability to support many storage protocols (i.e. iSCSI, FCoE, NFS, SMB/CIFS) over the same wire, it is an easy choice to deploy, and helps ‘future proof’ against changing infrastructure requirements, workloads, and data transports.

  7. Members - Send us Your Nominations for the 2014 Volunteer Awards

    23 December 2013 - Each year, the SNIA organisation and storage networking professionals throughout Europe benefit from the educational programs and standards development work of the many dedicated individuals, who commit their time, knowledge and expertise to the mission of SNIA Europe.

  8. ETSI - Cloud Standards Coordination - Final Report

    17 December 2013 - Download the final report from ETSI’s Cloud Standards Coordination initiative "Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe" which was made public on December 11 in Brussels.

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