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  1. Software Defined Storage

    29 July 2014 - By Alex McDonald, SNIA Europe Board of Directors, DMTF OSDDC member (NetApp)

    First published in DCS Europe - Summer 2014

    You'd have to be living in a cave not to have heard the latest IT buzzword; software defined. I first heard this phrase at a seminar about two years ago in the context of work Stanford University was doing on SDN (storage defined networking). Even back then, there were the rumblings of extending it out to include and define SDS (software defined storage) and an encompassing SDDC (the software defined datacenter).

  2. Have You Heard About 40 Gig Fibre Channel?

    15 July 2014 - By J Metz, FCIA Board of Directors (Cisco Systems)

    First published in SNS Europe - June 2014

    It may sound strange to think of the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) discussing Ethernet technologies. After all, when people think of Fibre Channel something more than just the protocol comes to mind - the entire ecosystem, management, and design philosophies are part and parcel of what storage administrators think of when we discuss “Fibre Channel networks.”

  3. What a Solid State We Store In

    01 July 2014 - By Gilda Foss, SNIA SSSI Governing Board (NetApp)

    First published in SNS Europe - June 2014

    Solid state drives use semiconductor chips, as opposed to magnetic media, to store data. The chips that solid state drives use are non-volatile memory meaning that the data remains even when the system has no power.

  4. The Proposed European Union Data Protection Regulation

    18 June 2014 - By Matthew Byford, Associate, Squire Sanders (U.K) Ltd

    First published in SNS Europe - May 2014

    On 12 March 2014, the European Parliament adopted a draft Data Protection Regulation1 to replace the 1995 Directive. The focus of the Draft Regulation is data privacy, specifically the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data. The draft must now be considered by the EU Council of Ministers, where there is considerable resistance from several Member States.

  5. Ethernet Meets Enterprise Storage – Finally

    03 June 2014 -

    Original post from the SNIA Ethernet Storage Blog

    By Mike Jochimsen

    Presumptuous, yes, because Ethernet has been a mainstay in enterprises since its early days over 40 years ago. It initially grew to prominence as the local area network (LAN) connection in the enterprise. More recent advances have enabled Ethernet to become a standard for mission critical storage connectivity for block, file and object storage in many enterprises.

  6. Big Clouds Full of Data

    20 May 2014 - By Gilda Foss, SNIA Analytics & Big Data Committee (NetApp)

    First published in SNS Europe - April 2014

    CLOUD COMPUTING and big data analytics go hand-in-hand and are on the forefront of the minds of IT professionals today. As a delivery model for IT services, cloud computing has the impending ability to enhance business nimbleness and productivity while enabling larger efficiencies and reducing costs. Big data analytics offers the assurance of delivering valued insight that can create a competitive advantage, inspire new innovations, and drive more revenue. With this particular model, all the information goes through the cloud and the analytics deliver all the value and relevance. In fact, many Web 2.0 companies base their entire business model on the results of the analytics.

  7. Workload I/O Capture Program

    01 May 2014 - The Workload I/O Capture Program (WIOCP) has the goal of understanding I/O characteristics of various applications, that can help to identify which SSDs perform best in particular user environments. WIOCP utilizes thorougly tested software which runs in the background on your PC to gather the data. The software has been specifically designed to be safely downloaded and used with corporate or personal PCs.

  8. SNIA’s Cloud Interoperability Conformance Test Program Now Available for Cloud Solution Vendors

    23 April 2014 - Program Validates Interoperability Standard for Data Stored in Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Environments

  9. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE): Hype vs. Reality

    22 April 2014 - By Casey Quillin and Sameh Boukelbene

    First published in SNS Europe - April 2014

    It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride for FCoE, which started out with more promise than it was able to deliver. In theory, the benefits of a single converged LAN/SAN network are fairly easy to see. The problem was, as is often the case with new technology, that most of the theoretical benefit was not available on the initial product release. The idea that storage traffic was no longer.

  10. CloserStill Media further expands its global technology event portfolio with the acquisition of Powering the Cloud

    15 April 2014 - CloserStill Media, the fast growing B2B events and media company today announced the acquisition of the leading specialist cloud event in Germany, "Powering the Cloud" for an undisclosed sum.

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