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  1. Fibre Channel Industry Association Announces Development of Industry's Fastest Storage Networking

    03 April 2014 - Gen 6 Fibre Channel Provides Speeds of up to 128GFC, New Features to Address Hyper-Scale Virtualization; SSD storage and New Data Center Architectures. Article from

  2. Why the FCoE vs iSCSI Debate Continues

    25 March 2014 -

    By Jeff Asher, ESF member (NetApp)

    First published in DCS Europe - March 2014

    A LOOK BACK AT FCoE and iSCSI HISTORY -- There are two entrenched standards for block storage protocols over Ethernet networks. FCoE was ratified in 2009, while iSCSI was ratified in 2004. Of course, various vendors and early adopters supported these protocols before ratification, so the history of these protocols is a couple of years longer than it looks, respectively. While iSCSI simply encapsulates the SCSI protocol in IP, FCoE operates lower in the network stack and to do so required many enhancements to Ethernet. While iSCSI runs on any IP network (mostly Ethernet these days), FCoE requires Data Center Bridging and Converged Network Adapters all running at 10 Gbps or faster.

  3. Call for Participation SNIA Tutorials Peer Review

    21 March 2014 -

    Deadline: April 1, 2014

  4. SSSI Newsflash Newsletter - March

    12 March 2014 - Download the SSSI Marketing Newsletter. Join today!

  5. Use Cases for iSCSI and FCoE – Your Questions Answered

    11 March 2014 - Blog post from Ethernet Storage Forum
    Posted by Jeff Asher

  6. The future of storage is software-defined

    25 February 2014 - Original article by ComputerWorld.

  7. SNIA KMIP Test Program Announced; Meets Demand for Encryption Key Management Conformance Testing

    24 February 2014 - KMIP Test Program Validates Standard and Supporting Computing Solutions

  8. Storage Industry Summit - Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Presentations Now Available for Download

    14 February 2014 - This Summit took place on January 28, 2014. Thank you to those who attended the Summit and made it a success.

  9. SNIA Europe Announces 2013 Volunteer Awards

    12 February 2014 - Sandro De Santis (IBM), Glyn Bowden (Lucr) and Fabio Di Niro have been recognised by the SNIA Europe Board for outstanding contributions to the storage industry.

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