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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager



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Management software


IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

How well is your organization's data protected from hardware failures and other errors?


Tivoli Storage Manager, a complementary data and information manager for the open SAN environment, stores backup and archive copies of data on offline storage. Scaling to pro-tect hundreds of computers running a dozen OS, Storage Manager's centralized Web-based management, smart data-move and store techniques, and comprehensive policy-based automation are designed to work together to help minimize data-protection administration costs and the impact to both computers and networks.


Data backup and restore Backups are copies of your active online data stored on offline storage. Should an online storage device fail, a data error occur or someone accidentally deletes a file, the offline copy of that data can be copied (restored) to online storage. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is designed to use multiple techniques to make data backups and restores as fast, flexible and low-impact as possible.


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